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Man Fitness - Home Workout Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Man Fitness - Home Workout

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An assistant for self-training and physical exercise.
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Man Fitness - Home Workout
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Are you still own "a muscle" and worry about it, you are still on their own to worry about it sagging chest. Good men should have an enviable chest and abdominal muscles, as well as a strong soul and body.
This software allows you to have a plan to have their own strong physique. Fitness health essential products for more than a fitness trainer jointly recommended.


An easy to use fitness and wellness class application software. Fresh style, including a fitness video tutorials, a daily morning run, a unique fitness program, daily records, health information, collectibles, etc., built more than one gadget. With this software, users can learn fitness action norms, set your own fitness program, to record their fitness activity data, and reading knowledge of health fitness message.

Contains a large number of households to complete the action, let you easily master the action essentials, and is equipped with a large number of health-related information, fitness from now on, follow the rhythm of moving up! Software of the Declaration, "the body is the capital of the revolution", whether you are a student, or office workers, or fitness enthusiasts, etc., to install all of the software to help you get to prevent sudden death, life is movement, to build a better physique, physical fitness Ho Lok not for it, a fitness one hour a day for a lifetime of healthy living.


Why choose male fitness essential, Ten reasons to love him!
1. Fitness Animation: to help you easily master the essentials of each exercise;
2. Fitness Cheats: to create their own health profiles;
3. Fitness Nutrition: Nutrition Fitness muscle growth is a necessity, no how I can do it;
4. Fitness Favorites: Let your favorite collection of fitness animation, so you fitness ideas more clearly;
5. Fitness Tools: Variety of fitness tools to help you create the perfect physique!
6. Fitness Program: for your unique customized fitness program, make exercise more scientific and lasting.
7. Fitness Video: Massive fitness video, so you learn fitness and wellness cattle.
8. daily morning run: The day is morning, allows runners to start your day right.
9. Daily Record: photographs to record their daily fitness achievements, make their changes are recorded.
10. A clear interface: simple and clean interface makes you feel more comfortable.

[Friendly reminder]
  Long-standing use of this software, please, follow the tutorial to learn, can effectively enhance the physique and muscles.

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  Here to share the latest information and best fitness fitness exchange.
  QQ group: 291 869 434

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Li Miping


Health & Fitness




37.09 MB




English, Chinese


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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