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Mandalize - Mandala Explorer Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Mandalize - Mandala Explorer

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Create art with the help of your fingertip. It's easy, relaxing and satisfying!

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--- Art with ease ---
Create art with the help of your fingertip. It's easy, relaxing and satisfying!

Mandalas are beautiful pieces of art where a certain segment is repeated many times, which gives a wonderful visual effect. This app is here to make it easy for you to create Mandalas from your own images or images from the built-in image library. Select an image and play around with different parameters which you can adjust. You also can animate the Mandala.

--- Key features ---
- Load own images
- Customize different parameters
- Add effects (bloom, vignette, chromatic abbaration)
- Animate it!
- Screenshot and video recording (UI excluded, could be used for your projects!)
- Draw mode (Experimental)

--- Draw mode ---
I also added a simple draw mode which allows you to draw your own Mandala. It currently only has limited options. When you like that mode, just let me know you're interested in more, so I will continue developing this mode.

Do you have ideas for improvements or new features? Please send me a message using info@mkgames.org
If you like the app, you would really help me with leaving a review - thanks a lot!

- Best regards Marvin


Marvin Krueger


Graphics & Design




94.66 MB






iPhone, iPad

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