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MapSwitch - Mapper for Safari Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - MapSwitch - Mapper for Safari

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Map Switch will also automatically redirect Google Map links to Apple Maps when using Safari.

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MapSwitch will also automatically redirect Google Map links to Apple Maps when using Safari - built from the ground up with the goal of creating seamless experience in your Safari browsing experience. MapSwitch works on any website, surf freely across the internet and MapSwitch will continue to work its magic and automatically and convert any Google Maps links to Apple Maps.

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MapSwitch also has a bonus WAZE Maps feature. Prefer Waze navigation? Set the Waze Maps option to in the extension popup and MapSwitch automatically redirect links to your Waze Navigation App. Not only that MapSwitch has an additional dark mode feature which satisfies the AAA standard of a contrast ratio of 7 for Accessibility and Contrast when Dark Mode is enabled.

With MapSwitch you can easily open Apple Maps automatically when searching. Preceding any search with amm or amaps will automatically open the search in Apple Maps.
For example: use "amaps martial arts" to search Apple Maps for martial arts studios near you or "amaps sushi" to find sushi restaurants near you in Apple Maps.

To start using MapSwitch simply enable the extension by going to your device settings > Safari > Extensions > and set MapSwitch to "On". There is a video walk-thru tutorial in the app as well to help you.

Satisfying you our customer is our one priority. Share you feedback, report bug, feature request. Just email us at jcltravels@gmail.com
We take your privacy very seriously. Switch does not collect, store, read any of your personal data so you can rest assured when using the app.


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