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Math Bakery First Grade Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Math Bakery First Grade

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A new fun way to learn math for children aged 5 to 8.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Math Bakery First Grade is now available on the regular basis.

A new fun way to learn math for children aged 5 to 8. It’s just like having your own private teacher helping, encouraging and correcting. Even toddlers learn quickly to add and subtract, helping ´daddy baker’ produce gingerbread cookies.

The app has been developed in co-operation with pupils, teachers and leading researchers. It has been carefully tested in schools and preschools. The children have rapidly shown significant improvement.


-to gradually improve self-confidence in addition and subtraction

-to understand numbers, distinguishing between digits and groups of ten

-to ‘see’ what happens when numbers are added or subtracted

-to reckon using “ten friends” , "halves" and “doubles”


-6 addition games and 6 subtraction games

- play with or against a friend or grown-up in ”The Duel”

-move cookies to understand addition and subtraction

-help routines that, without specific direction, give your child the possibility to investigate and understand numbers

-attractive original graphics

-interactive and easy to follow

-result screen shows totals and high score for each game

-no in-app purchases

"My teaching is made considerably easier, since the game is simple to individualize. I have 27 students in the class, with differing competence. Now I have the possibility to target the correct level for each child."
- Lotta Nilsson, primary school teacher in Lilla Alby School, Sundbyberg, Sweden:

"An incredible app! It taught my 4 year-old to subtract!"
- Susanna Lindström on Facebook

"While I find that much mathematics teaching material, especially for lower age groups, has considerable flaws, I think that Math Bakery significantly improves a child’s numeracy and understanding of the how and why of the ‘position system’ of reckoning."
- Per-Olof Bentley, senior lecturer in mathematical didactics at Gothenburg University:

Math Bakery First Grade is the first app in the Math Bakery series
Math Bakery Regrouping, for 7 to 12 year-olds, provides training in addition and subtraction with larger numbers. Your child learns how to set out a calculation problem and solve it using ten-carrying.


Pi Education






155.83 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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