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Mela 5 – AUv3: Synth, FX, MIDI Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Mela 5 – AUv3: Synth, FX, MIDI

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Mela is a modular music-making tool that scales with your needs.
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Mela 5 – AUv3: Synth, FX, MIDI
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Mela is a modular music-making tool that scales with your needs. With its intuitive interface, you can seamlessly build fully custom polyphonic synthesisers, unique audio effects, and complex MIDI processors. Mela can run as a standalone app on iOS and macOS or as an AUv3 plug-in inside your favourite DAW such as AUM, Drambo, Logic Pro and many more.

In Mela, presets are constructed from modules arranged on lanes, each processing audio and MIDI signals. Lanes can receive and send signals to and from the host and other lanes. Modulator modules can modulate any parameter of any module on any lane. Lanes and modules can be easily added, removed, or rearranged, making the preset as complex or simple as desired. Mela comes with 58 modules, with new ones added with every update. The following are some examples from different categories.

- MIDI processors: arpeggiator, chord, note echo, scale, strummer
- Synth building blocks: virtual-analog oscillator, FM operator, phaseshaping, noise, VA filter, amp envelope
- Modulators: envelope follower, envelope generator, LFO, macro control, MIDI source, random
- Audio effects: chorus, delay, distortion, flanger, phaser, compressor, comb filter, EQ, stereo panner
- Utility: level metering, audio oscilloscope, MIDI capture, MIDI logger

Mela can be loaded inside a host as one of the following plug-in types: Instrument, Audio Effect or MIDI Processor. The only difference between them is the number of audio and MIDI inputs and outputs. Otherwise, the features are identical and a preset created in one type can be opened by another.

Modules are organised into collections. Collection 0 is free, providing you with the opportunity to test out Mela's features. Other collections can be purchased via in-app purchases. New modules will be added to Collection 3 throughout 2024. That means you can purchase it now and have new modules appear unlocked as they become available. The following is a list of all modules:

Collection 0:
Amp Envelope, Arpeggiator, LFO, Meter, Relative Pitch, Stereo Delay, Transposer, VA Filter, VA Oscillator, Volume.

Collection 1:
Balance, Chord, Chorus, Control Change, Compressor, Distortion, DS Oscillator, Envelope Generator, Envelope Follower, Flanger, Glide, Level, MIDI Logger, MIDI Source, Mono, Noise Oscillator, Note Echo, Note Length, Note Range, Panic, Phaser, Pitch Bend, Random, Scale, Strummer, Velocity.

Collection 2:
Clipper, Comb Filter, DC Blocker, Degrader, EQ Band, Fixed Pitch, FM Operator, Macro, MIDI Capture, MIDI Channel, Oscilloscope, Pitch Ratio, Rectifier, Vibrato, Voice Activity, VPS Oscillator.

Collection 3:
Digital Delay, Dual Pan, Mid-Side, Phase Inverter, Simple LFO, Stereo Pan.

Mela's capabilities continuously improve, evolve and expand driven by its long-term vision and user feedback. Feel free to get in touch for anything Mela-related.

Say Hello: nikolozi.com/contact
Changelog: nikolozi.com/mela/changelog
FAQ: nikolozi.com/mela/faq
Mela 3 vs Mela 5: nikolozi.com/mela/getting-started/#mela-3-vs-mela-5


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iPhone, iPad

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