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memories365 Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - memories365

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memories365 is a photo diary that automatically captures and arranges your pictures, day by day.
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memories365 is a photo diary that automatically captures and arranges your pictures, day by day.

Do you remember what you did last month? Who you were with? Where you were? With memories365, all your life photos are automatically arranged by day and month, saving the favorite memories of your life by the day in which you enjoyed them.

memories365 has two unique features:

Auto-populate a calendar with your photos—upon opening the app, memories365 quickly auto-populates each day of each month with a photo from your camera roll that you took on those specific days. Your memories are saved, day-by-day, within seconds!

Jump to the photos on a specific day—changing photos is easy; memories365 automatically jumps to the specific day so you can swap images. No need to scroll through your camera roll to find your photos!

As soon as you open a month on memories365, a photo from your camera roll is displayed on a calendar on the day that it was taken. Changing photos is made easy, as the app initially filters photos taken only on the day in question. You also have the ability to see your entire photo gallery if you prefer to select a photo outside of that date.

The view can toggle to light or dark mode, depending on your preference. Full customization of background and font colors as well as custom title and sub-title options allow you to be creative.

Photos can be edited within the app, including rotating, cropping, adding filters, and changing brightness, contrast and saturation. You can add text too.

And your memories can be exported as an image or pdf and shared on social media.


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iPhone, iPad

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