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MIDI Check - Diagnose Tool Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - MIDI Check - Diagnose Tool

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Diagnose The Problem & Find the Solution.

This giveaway offer has been expired. MIDI Check - Diagnose Tool is now available on the regular basis.

*Diagnose The Problem & Find the Solution*

Current Features:
+ See/detect, hardware/virtual active MIDI connections.
+ See all incoming messages.
+ Send test notes on/off and control messages.
+ MIDI Channel filter: Eliminate messages comes from unwanted MIDI channels.
+ MIDI Message filter: Eliminate unwanted messages (e.g. Note on, Note off, Pitch wheel etc.)
+ MIDI System Exclusive filter: Eliminate MIDI Clock and many other unwanted MIDI messages.
+ MIDI Delta-Time Added: See the time spent between messages
+ Record Incoming MIDI messages in background mode
+ 100% vectoriel cristal clear gorgeous user interface.
+ Slide the glass through the face, activate the desired filter with a gesture.

Yamaha Bluetooth MD-BT01 users -> According to Yamaha user manual; all MIDI related application should be closed before bluetooth midi connection. Run the MIDI Check after connection established. If not you'll not be able to see the Yamaha midi connection on the app. This is not an application's issue. Because Yamaha use own BT protocol.

Upcoming Features:
- Music keyboard improvement.
- Custom preset message send possibility.


DejaWorks LTD






35.29 MB






iPhone, iPad

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