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Monsters vs Fractions Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Monsters vs Fractions

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Welcome to a world of Monsters, mystery, puzzles, zombies, and more!
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Monsters vs Fractions
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Welcome to a world of Monsters, mystery, puzzles, zombies, and more! Our Monster friends are disappearing, and they need your help to return to Fractionland safely.

Monsters vs Fractions: Episode 1 is a great way to introduce Common Core Unit Fractions and allow students to gradually progress toward mastery. Students will be engaged with interesting characters and storylines, all while learning the basics needed to advance their knowledge of fractions.

Brought to you by the inventors of the SMART Board, Monsters vs. Fractions Episode 1 combines tactile and digital learning techniques, encouraging kids to interact with on-screen manipulatives in numerous ways:

• Slice shapes into equal fractions
• Combine equal parts to create a whole
• Introduce terms including 'half', 'thirds', and 'quarters' to describe a whole
• Locate Unit Fractions on a number line
• Determine which of two Unit Fractions is larger

For Teachers and Parents who are looking for a game-based supplement for teaching Unit Fractions, Monsters vs Fractions offers an immersive adventure for the classroom and home.

Most game-based learning solutions follow the repetition-based ‘drill and kill’ paradigm – essentially a digital form of a worksheet or quiz that alternates with arcade-style game play. While these are effective for reinforcing concepts already learned in the classroom, they don’t allow students to explore, manipulate, or make mistakes on their own.
Monsters vs. Fractions instead introduces students to basic concepts within the game mechanics, allowing them to interactively explore and develop proficiency while remaining immersed in the storyline. When students have trouble, the game provides timely hints and suggestions in context of the challenge and users are encouraged to work through mistakes with positive reinforcement.

The Monsters vs. Fractions series is based on research and feedback provided by students, parents, teachers, and administrators. The learning objectives have been integrated by a highly experienced instructional designer to meet common-core requirements while entertaining young learners. Stay on the lookout for additional titles and related content!

Aligns to US Common Core Standards: CCSS.Math.3.NF and CCSS.Math 4.NF


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