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Montessori abc 123 baby games Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Montessori abc 123 baby games

Do you want your kids to learn while they are using phone?

Questo giveaway è scaduto. Montessori abc 123 baby games è adesso regolarmente disponibile.

Do you want your kids to learn while they are using phone?
Install the most finely crafted games for preschool kids and toddlers. Help and Supervise them to complete the tasks.
We first did research on kids learning behaviour. We asked parenst whether they give gadgets to their kids. 80% of the parents replied in positive.
So if kids are using using electronic gadgets anyways why not to make most of their time on the gadgets?
After putting a lot of thought into the ways to teach kids numbers, alphabets, animals, colors, days and fruits, we have come up with this iOS app containing various activities.

We don't encourage unsupervised learning for kids on gadgets. So we would request guardians to be there with their kids while they learn and help them and motivate them to complete the tasks.

Through these various games kids will learn the basics of above.
The various activities include
1. Arranging Objects into train boxes.
This activity is their for almost each learning dimension. In this game kid has to match the
object placed below the train, and put them into train. In some cases kids will be asked to
put the objects in proper sequence. If child is able to put all the objects correctly the train
moves and cheerful monkeys come to greet the kid. Hope kids will enjoy this.
2. Arranging the boxes
In this game kids are asked to arrange the boxes in sequence. If they do so successfully
they are greeted with fire crackers.
3. Find the object
This is the shuffling game. Here objects are put into boxes and shuffled. Then the kids
are asked to find the right box. We hope this will help kids in improving concentration,
developing memory and learn the objects. Kids will find this funny. Again after rightly
finding the objects, kids are greeted by monkeys.
4. Fly the Jet and Collect Objects
In this game kids have to fly the jet and collect objects in air. Kids need to keep the jet in
air and keep collecting the objects. We hope that the kids will truly enjoy this game.
5. Jigsaw
The classic jigsaw puzzle. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible. Difficulty can
be modified from settings.
6. Top Videos for Kids on Youtube
Our AI picks the top videos on youtube for kids to learn basics. The video is chosen
based on content, graphics and learning value. Through various rhymes and songs kids
can easily learn basics.



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