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Morse ∞ Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Morse ∞

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A system keyboard for training and learning Morse code.
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Morse ∞
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Morse - an application with a system keyboard, for training and learning Morse code, as well as with LED transmitter encrypted messages. Entering text without looking at the screen. Alphabets: German, Russian and English. Professional application with guaranteed results.


Training with tips for beginners and without tips for professionals.
Training perception by ear, as well as the study of the characters of the alphabet.
Creating an archive of texts for playing dictations in the classroom.
Transmit codes by LED flash, phone screen or sound in real time.
Looping for continuous SOS signal transfer, with one click.
The keyboard with two modes is dark and light, with input speed settings.
Cheat sheet with Morse alphabet, always at hand.
Switch keyboard language: German, Russian, English.


Can be used in the military, in the army, in the navy or in the air force for military use.
Alternatively for amateur radio or telegraph station.
For emergency communication at a distance using the LED flash, or for signaling an SOS distress alert.
For learning Morse code, for learning students or personnel.
For sending secret messages or for simple encryption.
It can be used as a flashlight, spotlight or strobe, transmitting a message in a loop.


Morse is a complex for studying and working with Morse code, containing a real keyboard for quick typing of a Morse code and an application for training your skills. The application contains utilities for converting text into Morse code, as well as reproducing the result via the built-in LED flash of the phone or screen, and as a sound.


The application allows you to independently train your skills in Morse code in two ways. The first is the perception of Morsech by ear. The second is a Morse code check from memory. By alternating both methods, you can quickly learn Morse code without much effort.
In each workout there are tips for beginners, which makes it possible to study the alphabet without pain, do not leave the training mode.
The trainings contain a huge number of phrases, so that the classes are held with interest and are not quickly fed up.
The results of training are saved in a table of results with the ability to share the best result with friends on a social network.
Training results are useful for self-assessment of Morse code and in the process of learning.


Utilities allow you to convert any text into Morse code on the fly, with the ability to view and listen. Allows you to generate reports for sending by mail, adding to social networks.
Allows you to save the results of conversion, for further use and playback.
All created conversions are saved in a list for quick selection for control dictation.
Playback speed is adjustable over a wide range.


Morse's application is not in vain the leader among the masses of similar applications, repeatedly noted in reviews of various Internet publications.
The application is the best of its kind and is suitable for self-study Morse code, and for teaching in universities and military schools.
Indeed allows you to successfully learn and teach people Morse code.


Very helpful are reviews that make the application even better.
Write a review if you have not already done so. Write about the experience of using the application or how to use the application, tell other users about it right now.








1.99 MB




English, German, Russian


iPhone, iPad

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