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Music Learning Lab Pro Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Music Learning Lab Pro

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Music Learning Lab is a groundbreaking approach to early music education.
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Music Learning Lab Pro
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Designed by education experts, loved by kids, Music Learning Lab is a groundbreaking approach to early music education.

• "An essential early music learning app ...brilliant." - The iMums
• "A stellar way to get kids excited for music education." - Tapscape
• "If you would like to share a new musical app with your child, I would highly recommend Music Learning Lab!" -The iPhoneMom
• For user reviews, see Music Learning Lab under Related.

A New & Noteworthy app, featured by Apple in the Education and Music categories!

NOTE: If you’ve already purchased the Full Version from within Music Learning Lab, please don’t purchase this app.

Learn fundamental principles of music through lessons, games, and a creative composer environment where learners can create songs all on their own - and see them performed by their Music Learning Lab friends! Fun for kids and adults. 

"The technical execution of this app is absolutely top-notch, I was really very impressed by the thorough care that has been taken in all aspects of the gameplay ...I foresee it being of great use in a home-schooling or classroom situation." - Smart Apps for Kids

We’ve applied state-of-the-art learning science research in designing Music Learning Lab. We identified key skills that serve as a foundation for music learning, and designed the lessons in Music Learning Lab using methods that combine our love and knowledge of music with principles derived from basic learning sciences research.

The result is that learners acquire an important set of music skills, and have a tremendous amount of fun doing it. Every learner will be ready for music lessons, using music software such as GarageBand®, and further music instruction privately or in school.

"What a brilliant way to teach music!" - User review

"This engaging, thorough app creatively and masterfully presents the learner with a variety of opportunities to increase his knowledge of music fundamentals ... 5/5 stars." - Kids App Reviews

Key features include:

• the Learn area

Learn new musical skills that will provide an essential foundation for music education. Completing lessons unlocks new instruments and backing bands to use in... 

• the Create area

Use these new skills to create musical pieces and see them performed by fun animated characters. Choose pitches, change instruments, add longer melodies and more complex rhythms, and choose a backing band to play along. More instruments can be earned in...

• the Play area

Practice skills learned in the lessons with three fun mini-games. Completing the games unlocks more instruments and backing bands. See what a learner has accomplished in...

• the Trophies area

See trophies that represent everything a learner has achieved, and watch fun animations that demonstrate their accomplishments.

With Music Learning Lab Pro, learners have access to:

• 14 tutorial lessons in the Learn area

• the ability, in the Create area, to compose with two instruments, drums, and backing bands,
watch a band of Music Learning Lab friends perform their compositions, and save up to 3 compositions per learner

• three mini-games in the Play area to practice and extend skills learned in the lessons.

Explore Music Learning Lab to earn all 15 instruments, nine backing bands, and 32 trophies!

"The instruction is very well designed, and the animations will delight your children. If your children are used to playing games on an iPad, they'll really enjoy this app, and be all set for their future in music. You'll probably enjoy it yourself, too."

-Vicci Tucci, BCBA, President Tucci Learning Solutions

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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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