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My Baby Heartbeat Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - My Baby Heartbeat

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Hear and record an unborn baby's heartbeat.

This giveaway offer has expired. My Baby Heartbeat is now available on the regular basis.

My Baby Heartbeat - is very nice app which you can use to hear and record your baby's heartbeat. App is easy to use. Just open app, prepare for record, make record and listen baby's heartbeat or share with your loved once.

When I can heare my baby's heartbeat?
For best results, use “My Baby Heartbeat” after reaching 27 week.

How can I record my baby's heartbeat?
Use one of three methods to record your baby’s heartbeat using your iPhone or iPad:
- Get your iPhone or iPad out of the case for better recording results
- Press the iPhone microphone slightly to the lower abdomen
- Use a remote microphone connected to your iPhone. Press the microphone slightly to the lower abdomen
- Record your baby's heartbeat when you go to your monthly obstetrician-gynecologist visit. Once the doctor has found a strong baby heart beat, use the app to record it.

How can I start use app?
When you are ready press "RECORD BABY'S HEARTBEAT"
Press "STOP" when you finish record.
After heartbeat recorded you can listen by pressing "PLAY RECORDING"
You can also process the record using "REMOVE SILENCE FROM ENDS" and "TRIM" buttons
When your recording is ready you can share the baby’s heartbeat with your loved ones by tap "SHARE" button.

Which device I can use?
You can use any iPhone or any iPad.


- This app is NOT a medical device and it should NOT be used as one.
- This app has not been reviewed by the FDA, and is NOT intended to be a replacement for medical advice of any kind.
- For any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy and your baby’s health, please consult with your doctor.




Health & Fitness




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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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