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my books library Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - my books library

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MyBooks is the best app to display your own library in a list.
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my books library
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MyBooks is the best app to display your own library in a list.
You can use the ISBN of the book to scan, or you can enter a book manually.

Get the data of your book from a global catalog (author, title, publication date, book covers and blurb )and story it in your own database.

You can enter your personal rating to each book or each author, so you still know after years how you liked the book. Likewise, you can add in a memo field a comment on the book.
You can add a location (f. e. living room, bedroom ...) , where your book is stored.
You can sort the list by author, title or rating.
You can view the list in different formats Export: CSV: Numbers, Excel, PDF.
Backup your data to iCloud, so you can manage your data on all your devices.


Andrea Schmerber






15.1 MB






iPhone, iPad

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