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My Garage - Manage Vehicles Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - My Garage - Manage Vehicles

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A must have app for cars, motorcycles or other vehicles owners.
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My Garage - Manage Vehicles
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My Garage is the application that all owners of cars, motorcycles or other vehicles must have on your device, take care of your vehicle, save time and money.

• Avoid unnecessary mechanical problems keeping track and planning the maintenance of your car, tire changes, oil changes, filters, wiper blades or other.
• Monitor your mileage, with statistics on an annual basis.
• Avoid late payments with alerts for insurance, annual tax or periodical revision.
• Consult quickly the data of your vehicle, the license plate number, chassis, engine number, the tires size and the relative pressure or the type of oil to use.
• iCloud: Share the data of your cars with all your devices.
• Includes My Parking, the app that helps you find where you parked your car.


Raffaele Di Marzo






16.14 MB




English, French, Italian, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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