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My Time Off Tracker Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - My Time Off Tracker

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Is designed to help you quickly check how much time off you have.
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My Time Off Tracker
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My Time Off Tracker is designed to help you quickly check how much time off you have, without needing to sign into any of your business accounts or work portals.

Automatic Accrual:
- Automatically increase your time off weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly.
- Set when your next accrual date is, and the app will add your accrued time and update the next date automatically.
- Set a cap to prevent the time from automatically accruing past a certain amount.
- Keep track of Use or Lose time, by setting a date to use or lose by and a cap to your time off.

- Custom widgets for both the lock screen and the Home Screen.
- See how much time you have off is remaining without even opening the app.
- Widgets match the color theme chosen in the app.

- When you take time off, enter the amount in the app to always know how much time off is left.
- See how much time off you take every month.
- Easily check when the last time you took a day off was.
- Swipe on the entries to delete or edit the entry.
- Reset the history whenever you need.
-View detailed graphs of your time off.

Look Ahead:
- Choose a date in the future to plan ahead.
- See how much time off you will have on that date.

- Some employers grant sick time and annual time in different time intervals, this app allows you to customize the time you earn your time off.
- Keep track of unique time off you earn that is separate from your annual or sick time.
- Hide the features that you don’t need by turning them off in settings.

- Manually add or remove time off on any day.
- Full iCloud support, time off syncs across both iPhone and iPad.
- Light and dark mode
- Daily reminders to log your time
- Long press on notifications to quickly add or remove time.
- Customize the app to your preference by changing the color of each page and reordering the information to always show what is most important to you.
- iPhone and iPad app available

Developed by Bryant Foster and Jason Hansen.


Jason Hansen






6.76 MB






iPhone, iPad

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