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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - myESO

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Welcome to myESO, your companion for The Elder Scrolls Online.
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Welcome to myESO, your companion for The Elder Scrolls Online. myESO gives you the freedom to explore all of ESO's sets at your fingertips.

Key Features:

Build Management: Craft and perfect your character's build by easily browsing through a vast collection of sets. Organize and optimize your equipment for maximum effectiveness in Tamriel.

Set Catalog: Explore an extensive database of sets categorized by DLC, Crafting, Dungeons, Trials, and more. Quickly find the perfect gear to suit your playstyle. Sets updated for ESO up to Gold Road.

Collection Overview: Keep track of your acquired sets and easily identify what you're missing. Ensure you're always well-equipped for your adventures in Tamriel.

Why Choose myESO?

Access a vast collection of sets. Like, all of them. We literally have all sets.

Build Customization: Experiment with different sets and combinations to find the ideal setup for your playstyle.

Efficient Organization: Easily manage your collection of sets, ensuring you're always aware of what you have and what you need.

How It Works:

Browse Sets: Explore sets based on various categories such as DLC, Crafting, Dungeons, and Trials.

Build Your Character: Create and optimize your character's build by adding sets to your collection.

Track Your Progress: Keep tabs on your collected sets and plan your next acquisitions for the ultimate gaming experience.


Optimized Gameplay: Enhance your gaming experience by strategically selecting sets that complement your character's strengths.

Time-Saving: Quickly identify and collect the sets you need without wasting time in-game or on the web searching for information.

Always Informed: Stay informed about the latest sets and updates, ensuring your character is always on the cutting edge.

Download myESO now and embark on a journey to master The Elder Scrolls Online with the most powerful builds and sets at your fingertips!

myESO is not affiliated with Zenimax Online Studios or Bethesda in any way. Read our disclaimer for more information.


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