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MyInterest 6.3 (Compound Interest Calculator) Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - MyInterest 6.3 (Compound Interest Calculator)

The Best Rated and Easiest to use Compound Interest Calculator.

This giveaway offer has expired. MyInterest 6.3 (Compound Interest Calculator) is now available on the regular basis.

MyInterest designed with Best User Experience is Best Rated and Easiest to use Compound Interest Calculator, Simple Interest Calculator with Start Date,Maturity Date and Wealth Build Up Insight support Added in Version 5. Both APY or APR modes are supported! This app has been in the app store since Feb'2010 and has enjoyed thousands of Downloads!

MyInterest 5 - that is version 5 of MyInterest - is a totally revamped version with New UI and Customer Feedback based Features of original MyInterest app. This is re-built from scratch with Swift (programming language from Apple).

- Designed with extreme simplicity in mind. It can be used by a teenager or your grandmother!
- Instant calculation that shows Instant Results in Result View every time you make a change. There is No calculate button.
- Numeric Keyboards for iPhone with Numeric display
- Works on both iPhone and iPad, with UI designed for Each Device. On iPad, the Result view has 3 sections that allow you to see the Calculation Results at one glance. On iPhone,the Result view has 3 page indicators that allow you to swipe the Calculation Results

- Wealth Accumulation Insight- Everyday - You can see Interest you could be making Every 1 day, 15 day and 30 day Instantly when you do a Certificate of Deposit.
- Excellent Date handling capability that allows you to see Dates according to your Investment Term!
- Converts calculation in simple sentences the way we speak - with Start Date, Maturity Date and Passive Income earned .
- Displays Currency Symbols according to your Region settings when Indicating Passive Income and Interest Earned every 1, 15 and 30 days. So for US it shows US Dollar Symbol, but if Region is Japan, it will display with Japanese Yen Symbol and for India with Indian Rupee Symbol. This is to provide better understanding of the earned income.
- Supports both modes - Annual Percentage Yield (APY) or Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with Compounding times. APY is Interest Earned Per Year with Compounding Already Applied. APR is simply the Interest Rate with Compounding to be applied.
Banks Advertise their Certificate of deposits or Fixed Deposits in either modes, so you can calculate as per what they are stating.

Investors, School/College Math teachers, Accountants, Bankers, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Students. All users can use the app to understand, calculate and visualize with dates "Compound Interest", "Simple Interest", "Certificate of Deposits" or CDs. The CDs are Safe Financial Products and you can use the power of “Interest Calculations” in them. In many countries, these financial products are called "Fixed Deposits" or FDs as well.








2.67 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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