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MyLyrics Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - MyLyrics

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Enter any info you know about the music track and you will be provided with a list of matches

This giveaway offer has expired. MyLyrics is now available on the regular basis.

We all know the famous application that let’s you find out title and artist of a song that is playing but what happens when the song is stuck in your head?

I know we’ve all been there. That song that you only remember a few lines of the lyrics and want to find out where it’s from. Well, now you can! Thanks to this simple and easy app, you just have to enter any info you know about the track, such as artist and a few words from it and you will be provided with a list of matches (including remixes, covers etc).

From these results, there is also a handy link to the song/album in the iTunes store so that you can easily view it and make sure it’s the one you want and maybe check out other info.

In addition, it’s essential to settle those endless debates with your friends regarding song titles or remixes and featurings. Just input info, hit send and it’s done: that easy.


Giacomo Balli






6.07 MB




English, German, , Spanish


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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Be aware that there are some limitations that you need to pay extra for...Not too bad considering the advantages. Just don't be surprised.

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