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Natural Birth by Ecco Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Natural Birth by Ecco

Hoping for a natural birth? You're in the right spot!
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Natural Birth by Ecco
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Hoping for a natural birth? You're in the right spot! Natural Birth by Ecco guides you through pain management and avoiding interventions so that you can achieve the EMPOWERING delivery you deserve. While the app is up to date on the latest childbirth research, it also honors the primal wisdom inherent to every mother-to-be. Download now to get back in touch with your natural birthing instincts!

But what if I'm high risk? Planning a c-section? Want an epidural? Look, our goal is to help you achieve as natural a birth as possible, whether that be at home or on the operating table. So your birth requires interventions? We'll help you naturalize them! From the walking epidural to the gentle cesarean, we are committed to helping women "naturalize" every facet of pregnancy and delivery.

You deserve to fully experience this primal and beautiful miracle. Ecco is here to help make it happen!

Achieve a natural (or "naturalized") birth!
Manage pain using the best tricks that research has to offer.
Continue progressing through each stage of labor.
Stay calm and focused from your first contraction to your last.
Educate birth partners on exactly how to help on "Birth Day".
Relax and recenter yourself amidst the confusion of labor and delivery.
Safely prepare your body, mind, and baby for a smooth and empowering birth.
Optimize the outcome of an emergency or high-risk birth.
Nourish yourself so as to lessen vaginal tearing, manage morning sickness, and beat pregnancy fatigue.
Navigate postpartum weight loss, boundaries, and sleepless nights.
Induce labor safely and naturally.
Practice mindfulness and meditation techniques before the big day arrives.

Please note, every birth is as unique as it is beautiful. What works for most may not necessarily work for you. Ecco is not in any way a substitute for the advice of your OB, midwife, or other health practitioner. We urge you to consult with them before using this app.

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