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Navajo Keyboard App Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Navajo Keyboard App

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Navajo Keyboard makes it convenient for users to type in Navajo.
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Navajo Keyboard App
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Navajo Keyboard makes it convenient for users to type in Navajo and removes many of the frustrations that users have with typing Navajo using the default iPhone keyboard. For starters, this app places an extra row of keys on its keyboard, allowing you access to specific Navajo characters without depressing the letter. A slide bar is included that you can turn on and off to transition between your Navajo keyboard and the default iPhone keyboard.

The performance of this app is fantastic and even supports sharing what you have written through social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Messages, plus Email. Overall, Navajo Keyboard is essential to all Navajo Language Enthusiasts because of its speed, usability, and plain usefulness. We would like to thank Florian Tom Johnson, an avid user of the Navajo language who helped create the layout of the keyboard.

For more information contact Native Innovation Inc., 877.511.2342 or visit our website at


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