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Neon: Color and Gradient Maker Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Neon: Color and Gradient Maker

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Neon is a real-time and fast color picker for your iOS Device.
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Neon: Color and Gradient Maker
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Neon is a real-time and fast color picker for your iOS Device. With Neon you can simply point your iOS Device anywhere you like and save the color for sharing or for later use. Maybe you liked that wall color at the restaurant or you're witnessing a gorgeous sunset with Neon you can now capture those exotic colors and save them for later use.

Introducing Tiles in Neon!
Tiles is a brand new way of sharing your gradients and colors with users from around the world and viewing through captures by others!
You can follow your friends or view interesting profiles from around the world.
You can register on tiles in just a tap and immediately start sharing your captures.
If you view a capture that you like you can appreciate the post by double-tapping on it. You can also view the gradient/color in its entirety or save it to your library! It's really cool.
Simply tap the grid icon on the home screen to get started. Looking forward to building a community on Neon!

Once you tap on the camera button you’ll be provided with two choices
*Single Color picker that lets you pick one color.
*Linear Gradient maker that asks you to choose two colors will be mixed to form a gradient.

Neon contains an analyzer that lets you understand the captured colors in depth. With support for RGB, CMYK, HSL, Closest Hex and color name Neon is super a super powerful tool that fits into the palm of your hands.

If you want to spice things up a little you can tap the flame icon and choose to generate either random colors or random gradients. These random items are presented in the form of cards that you can swipe from bottom to the top to advance through the pile of 100 randomly generated color/gradient cards. If you like a card simple tap on it to add it to your saved colors/gradients and proceed as you’d if you’d have captured the color using the camera picker.

A Gradient or Color once captured can be shared in many ways. It can also be shared directly to your Instagram story as a background of a story or as a sticker that you can place anywhere. You also have the option to share the Hex code of the color or the hex codes of the gradients with your friends or maybe your interior decorator to let them bring that favorite shade of teal to your walls.

With Neon, you can also make pin-point edits to your captured colors or gradients using a very efficient algorithm that is both fast and is not at all power-hungry. Neon is fully integrated with iCloud sync which means the colors and gradients that you capture or edit on one device will appear on all your iOS devices within seconds. This feature requires an active internet.

If you’d like to you can also let the app access your location to Geo-Code your scans so that, in case you forget where you captured that shade of red from you can just glance at the home screen and find out exactly that.

The next time you liked that shade of purple all you have to do is open neon, capture, save, analyze, edit and share. It's that easy.

Neon costs only $0.99 (or equivalent in local currency) and is ad-free and has 0 trackings. If you'd like to reward the developer (yours truly) you may consider giving a tip. A tip is never expected but highly appreciated. You can tip anything from a dollar to $10 (or equivalent in your currency). If you cannot provide a monetary sum but would still like to support Neon you can write a review for the app on the App Store.

You can find the terms of service at the following URL:


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