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Neus.ai: News, Videos, NeusGPT Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Neus.ai: News, Videos, NeusGPT

Welcome to a smarter news experience that’s packed with summary, research, NeusGPT, in-app chat, short videos and radio
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Neus.ai: News, Videos, NeusGPT
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Welcome to a smarter news experience that’s packed with summary, research, NeusGPT, in-app chat, short videos and radio in voices you’ll love. All designed so that you quickly understand the topic and can share smarter insights with friends.

Neus.ai is a personalized news experience that makes it easy to catch up on key news - you’ll get multiple daily Instagram-style video briefings, radio news in all categories of interest, smart summaries, and research so you can instantly understand what’s going on. Chat with NeusGPT(a unique experience built on ChatGPT that’s optimized for news) on an article and create shareable content: summary, tweets, point of view, funny take, poll, quiz, facts, find people & entities, satire, find article importance and other similar articles from the internet. You can chat with your friends within the app itself, and share news in interesting ways that match your style: be it a text summary, quotable highlights from the article, memes, video links or audio clips. You can do instant research on topics, places, people covered in the news articles. You'll also get personalized recommendations on articles in line with your interests and what you’ve shared with friends in chat in a privacy-centric way. Through an innovative Top 10 video news and radio experience, you can hear your daily news in voices you'll love. Don't miss trying out this new news experience!

With Neus.ai, you’ll get:

Headlines: Who says we can’t create a unified feed experience that blends in deep personalization (based on all your favorite topics and interests, across different publications)as well as Top trending stories of the day. Customize and choose categories and publications to track based on your interests. Read coverage from different news sources on the same topic to get a full perspective.

Top 10 Video: Get multiple daily video briefings on the Top news happening around you. You can even share these with friends-in video format or just audio as well.
Category Radio: Now get your daily dose of summarized personalized news from multiple categories of interest, in voices you'll love. This voice radio is personalized for you just like the feed experience itself.

Channels: Get a daily flow of in-depth informational stories on the key people and places in the news, trending articles, historical events on the day, and a showcase on art & culture.

Summaries: No time to read the full article? Get access to summaries of all articles-this includes not just a short summary, but also key highlights so you don't miss out on any critical information in the article. Or, listen to a quick audio summary! Plus, you can easily pick and share any of these with anyone you want to. These multiple formats are also easy to share, be it an audio clip, text, related memes or videos.

Shareables: Based on your reading habits and articles you have shared with friends, get timely recommendations on new articles on your favorite topics - share them instantly with friends and keep everyone informed & up-to-date!

Research: How many times have we read an article or POV and not really known about each topic/issue or even person covered in the article? Now you have a quick way to get information about these within the Neus.ai app itself, while reading the news, without having to run your own queries and research elsewhere.

In-app chat: Found a story that you think your friend will be interested in? Want to start a discussion/debate on a news article with a close group of friends? Invite your friends, share the article and start a chat group/discussion quickly and easily within the app. Continue the discussion without ever losing context-all articles shared/posted as part of the discussion stay at the top of the group chat!

Privacy & Security: Discuss on topics privately with different groups of friends, not the whole wide world!All your discussions and messages are always encrypted.
Support: admin@mynd.inc

Terms of use: https://www.mynd.inc/terms


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