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New Pixels Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - New Pixels

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Love pixel art? This is a new form of pixel art you gotta check out.
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New Pixels
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Love pixel art? This is a new form of pixel art you gotta check out. Using basic shapes and colors and a sprinkle of imagination, a little world is swirling under your fingertips. Share your art with friends or post it to our cloud gallery, we'd love to stumble upon your little world of new pixels :)

Quotes from our favorite artists:

"Using #newpixelsapp is my self care." - Ken Wong, lead designer of mobile game Monument Valley & Florence.

"New Pixels puts me in such a fun state. Different than doodling... though oddly similar. Like solving a tough puzzle and not knowing where I'm going at the same time." - Bob Flynn, cartoonist & character designer.

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New Pixels 是一款与众不同的像素编辑工具,通过基本几何图形和色彩的组合,简单的编辑操作,你可以轻松制作出小清新风格的像素图片来,它可以用作可爱的头像,或者分享到朋友圈,或者上传到我们的云端相册,非常期待看到小伙伴们的作品噢 :)

(声明: 所有用户作品将依照CC BY-SA知识共享版权进行分享)


Zhang Li






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iPhone, iPad

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