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NewsFlash! Photo & Video Filter Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - NewsFlash! Photo & Video Filter

Apply all options to videos!
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NewsFlash! Photo & Video Filter
è disponibile come Giveaway of the day!L’offerta per scaricarlo e installarlo è limitata.

New feature: CMYK cyan magenta yellow black mode, ink pots ahoy all ye typesetting scoundrels!
Apply all options to videos! Then we pop up the sharing menu after video save so you can store the vid to your phone or share with your pals thru the multitudinous and not yet fully vetted (philosophically or psychologically at least) communication channels called [airquote] social media [airquote]. Revel in making the hi-def vids from your n-hundred dollar video camera into quantized and pixellated replicants of themselves. Remember: if you think you repliCAN or repliCAN'T, you're probably right.

You can also use this app as a Photos app extension / filter plugin via the "3 dot circle" menu in the Photos app / edit menu.

Half-tone your photos with dots, lines, waves, $ signs, donuts, partial donuts, shamrocks. Brightness control, false color and black & white options.

Make newsprint-style pop-art pics out of your photos in glorious ink-dot black and white! Now with circle-halftone option to display halftones made of circles and/or partial circles.

With natural color and brite comix color, and options to brighten/darken the results. Now with horizontal lines mode, Waves (wavy line) mode, one dot size option (more like "pop art") instead of a greyscale of dots, and large dot option. The one dot size works best with one of the color options set.


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Photo & Video




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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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