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Next Time I'm Up Reminder Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Next Time I'm Up Reminder

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Next Time I’m Up Reminder uses your motion to alert you of your tasks when you get up and start moving.
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Next Time I'm Up Reminder
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Never any in-app purchases or subscription fees. Next Time I’m Up Reminder uses your motion to alert you of your tasks when you get up and start moving.

The Next Time I’m Up Reminder App is a reminder app that uses motion sensing technology to remind you & make productive life easier.

It is a quick, simple, and revolutionary reminder app that takes the brain work and stress of remembering your to-dos off you. It is not your regular reminder app or to-do app.

NO ADS, NO IN-APP PURCHASE, NO SUBSCRIPTION NEEDED, enjoy a seamless experience using the Next Time I’m Up App without any intrusive ads to disrupt your workflow. No subscription or in-app purchase is needed. All upgrades are free.

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The SMART REMINDER APP that gives you the freedom to forget and still be productive.

Having a hard time remembering what to do on your to-do list? Missing out on important to-dos because of a failed alarm or timer? Next Time I’m Up Reminder app to your Rescue. With the Next Time I’m Up app, you can set your to-dos, tasks, etc., and get reminded to do them every time you move.

The Next Time I’m Up reminder app comes up with reminder notification(s) every time you move away from your phone to remind you of your set to-dos, tasks, appointments, etc., ensuring you never miss out on accomplishing your to-dos. You don't have to think or remember anything. You can forget and still get reminded of your to-dos. All thanks to its motion sensing technology.

You can accomplish all your to-dos, tasks, etc., and be twice productive and organized with the reminder app, making it the perfect productivity app and to-do app. It can remind you of daily to-dos, tasks, meetings, exercises, business appointments, calls, and many more.



You can create and save custom reminders and customize them to your needs. You can give the reminder a custom name, description, icon, and color to personalize and make it your own. You can also customize the home screen and fill it with reminders you like to see.


The app features a clean, sleek UX screen that's easy to use and fast to navigate for a good user experience. With its 36 preinstalled reminders, you can easily and quickly create your desired reminder in an instant. You can also reset reminders with the reset button.


The reminder app boasts a simple and sleek interface for ease of use and fast navigation while setting up reminders. Designed for a good user experience, the interface design makes setting up reminders as easy as ABC. You can also set the home screen with reminders you like to see so you don't have to scroll past set reminders or undone to-do lists.


The reminder app is intelligent and smart in operation with its motion sensing technology unlike traditional reminders and to-do apps which are alarm and timer driven. With the app, you can now get reminded of to-dos, tasks, etc., you wanted to accomplish without any effort from you. There is no chance of you forgetting to do your to-do, task, or activity. Thanks to its motion-triggered reminder feature. It is more foolproof than alarm and timer-driven reminder apps.

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iPhone, iPad

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