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Ninja Mathster Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Ninja Mathster

Complete one assignment every day until you earn a Black Belt.
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Complete one assignment every day until you earn a Black Belt. Then complete one assignment every hour until you can complete it in less than 4 minutes.

Give me less than four hours of work and I'll give you better grades, less stress and more time for fun!

It builds a list of problems from 1 X 1 through 12 X 12 and randomly displays the problem. If the student inputs the correct answer in less than eight seconds, they don't have to repeat the problem. However, if it takes too long the app puts the problem back in the list and they will have to try again to input the answer in less than eight seconds.

Tap + in the top right and select the type of problem you want to practice. It will create a new row. Tap the row to begin.

Go as fast as you can. This is practice, not a test. Answer the questions until you complete the list.

You will go back to the assignment list after you complete the last problem. Tap the row to view the problems you had to repeat.

Look for patterns here. Students probably do not need help if they repeated a problem once. However, if you see the same number as they first or second factor, they probably do need help. Example: If you see 10 rows where 12 is the first or second factor, review the Ninja Mathster Secret for the 12's.

Complete one multiplication assignment every day for a week, then complete one division assignment every day for a week. If the first assignment takes more than one hour, review the tips. Complete two assignments the first day if possible.

Do not skip a day. You forget too much if you do.

You should be able to complete an assignment in less than 20 minutes by the third day and less than 10 minutes after a week. It may vary, but when you can complete an assignment in less than 10 minutes, your a "Ninja Mathster!" and you should be able to score 100% on the multiplication timed test. So you should pass math class.

Ninja Mathster will help improve your ACT / SAT Math Scores. The SAT Math test is 80 minutes long and includes 58 questions. The ACT Math test is 60 minutes long and includes 60 questions.

Speed and accuracy matter! The less time you spend with a calculator or reasoning, the more time you have to double check your answers. Everyone knows how important these tests are and you should not take them without mastering the basics.

Note to teachers:

Blue rows are added from the Schoolwork app, purple means the user created the assignment. When you create a Handout for Assignment - 1 you must tap the Ninja Mathster icon in the first handout to create Assignment - 2 in Schoolwork.


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