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Nota - Music tool for piano Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Nota - Music tool for piano

The most comprehensive chords and scales browser on the App Store.
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Nota - Music tool for piano
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The most comprehensive chords and scales browser on the App Store. Nota has been featured on tv commercials by Apple and highlighted in Gizmodo, CNet, Smoking Apples and the the book Tapworthy. With a 152 chords and 162 scales, staff notation, a notes quiz and a symbol library, Nota is an indispensable tool for musicians at any level.

What you get:
• Multi-touch piano with staff notes
• Chords browser
• Scales browser
• Detail view with intervals and descriptions
• Reference library of symbols
• Notes quiz for practicing

The Reference Library includes:
• Accents & Accidentals
• Lines, Breaks & Clefs
• Key Signatures
• Chords
• Circle of Fifths
• Dynamics
• Note Relationships
• Notes
• Notes & Duration
• Repetition & Codas
• Rest & Durations
• Time Signatures

Support for English, Fixed Solfége, French, Movable Do Solfége and N. European notation.

Nota is not a music tutor nor it should replace an actual teacher. It is a fantastic tool for anyone doing music, beginner or experienced.


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iPhone, iPad

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