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OA Tag Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - OA Tag

OA Tag is the fastest way to share your social media and contact info!
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OA Tag
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OA Tag is the fastest way to share your social media and contact info! By tapping your Tag to someone else’s phone you can instantly share your entire OA Tag profile with anyone you meet. They don't need the app to receive your info.

Don't want to share your entire profile? Turn on Direct to pop your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other link directly!

The OA Tag app enables you to easily access your profile and choose what you share with your Tag. You can customize your profile however you'd like by simply dragging and dropping.

The Contact List automatically keeps a history of everyone that you added ! Met someone last weekend? Access their profile whenever you want and never lose another connection.


Mohammad Albakour


Social Networking




87.49 MB






iPhone, iPad

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