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Orbital Sling – Space, Galaxy Adventure Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Orbital Sling – Space, Galaxy Adventure

Aspace exploration adventure management game.
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Orbital Sling – Space, Galaxy Adventure
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The latest space sensation to hit iTunes! Orbital Sling is the best game for all you space nerds out there who want to experience the beauty of outer space in the most exciting way. Fast paced, interactive and entertaining, Orbital Sling is here to break the monotony of your life. Beware, it is highly addicting!

A game that everyone will, be it kids, teenagers, or adults - Orbital Sling is made for everyone. Thanks to its brilliant features everyone will enjoy this fun, little space adventure. Some of the features are-

Beautiful and orginal graphics that are hand drawn by Tammy Chang
Orginal and addicting musical score by Michael Kennedy
Charming and eye-catching animation
Easy to play and highly addictive
In app credit system
In-app purchases
New levels with every update
New Capsules with every update
Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Welcome to this interactive space adventure where you play the role of a space capsule that is stuck in the outer space without any fuel and a desperate desire to go back home. Help this stranded capsule sling from orbits of planets to get home. But beware; space is full of obstacles like space debris, laser fields, black holes, wormholes and more! The number of obstacles increases as you pass levels so be careful and don’t get sucked in a black hole. All of this in stunning, hand drawn graphics with original made score. Definitely a treat for your eyes and ears!

The game features inbuilt credit systems that can help you buy a lot of goodies such as unlock new levels and custom capsules. Get special event packs for even more fun! You get new levels and capsules with every update so collect them all. You can also unlock additional levels and capsules using in-app purchases.

The app is light and fast when compared to the amount of fun you will have while playing it. Suitable for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch, you can play Orbital Sling everywhere you go. It will keep you occupied and entertained for hours to come.


Jason Nguyen






226.79 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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