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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - - Contacts & Org Charts

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Your Contacts, Like Never Before.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. - Contacts & Org Charts is now available on the regular basis.

WELCOME TO ORG.LY is the Contact Management and Org Chart App for Sales Professionals.

Your Contacts, Like Never Before.
You manage your contacts - manages your Org Charts.
Beautiful, Simple and Magical. enables Sales professionals to organise, structure and profile their customers with beautiful simplicity.

Group them, build out their org structure and profile them in line with Strategic Sales training methods. Swipe up and down to see who reports to who, add new reports to their managers, all from within the app. It is so easy to do that you will always be up to date. Then, when you need to produce an Org Chart for your account plan, has already done it for you - automatically.

Spend time selling - don’t spend time messing around with Org Charts.

“Finally there is a way to tame my contacts. As someone who works with large organisations, it is indispensable”. MN, United States.
“It is now impossible to understand why they are not like that as standard on the iPhone”. ML, Sweden.
“I am instantly feeling more organised, am saving time and receiving great value”. AB, United Kingdom.
“A great way to add intelligence to your contacts, anyone running a call list in sales or just managing contacts will benefit from this”. DH, United Kingdom.

YOUR CONTACTS - MANAGED LIKE NEVER BEFORE automatically arranges your contacts into Company groups. You can create groups for Projects and Matrix teams, Inner Circle and Political Influence maps, friends and family, soccer club, whatever you want.

Merge multiple companies into one or bulk-edit the company name - all changes are fully synced with your iPhone contacts and then on to Outlook/GMail, or your mail client of choice.

Simply swipe to add structure to your contacts
Beautiful Org Charts created automatically

Knowledge is Power.
Every Strategic Sales methodology tells us to profile our customers - are they supporters, or enemies? Are they innovators or laggards? This information is critical to our understanding of our account and instrumental as we craft our account strategy.

In, you can profile all of your customer contacts into the following categories:
- Support: Champion, Supporter, Neutral, Non-Supporter, Assassin
- Role: Approver, Decision Maker, Evaluator, User
- Coverage: In-Depth, Multiple, Brief, None
- Personality: Innovator, Visionary, Pragmatist, Conservative, Laggard

Of course, all Org Charts produced in have the option of adding the Sales Profiling colour coding as you would expect.

View all of your Contact's reports from their Main Contact view.
Swipe Up on a Report to see their details and their Reports.
Swipe Down on the Contact to see their Manager.
Swipe Left to see their Org Chart.

Swipe contacts onto their Manager to define the team structure. supports Direct Reports, Dotted-Line Reports, Executive Sponsors and Executive/Personal Assistants.

Org Charts of each Contact are automatically created by
No need to draw boxes and type everyones name in them anymore!
Different layouts available by swiping up/down.
Easy export of the Org Chart to Powerpoint, etc. for Account Plans and presentations.

- Imports your existing contacts from your iPhone and organises them automatically into Company groups to make searching easier
- Create Groups for Project & Matrix Teams, Inner Circle & Political Influence Maps, Family, Sports Clubs, etc.
- Add the photo/company logo to each contact/group to create a more visual experience
- Edit/Merge/Rename a company and have all contacts within it automatically updated to reflect the change
- Add regularly used contacts, companies and groups to a ‘Favourites’ section for quick access
- Identify a report as either a Direct Reports, a Dotted Line Report, a Personal/Executive Assistant or an Executive Sponsor


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