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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - PaintSnap

PaintSnap creates an impressionist painting of your photo before your eyes.
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You have limited time to download, install and register it.

PaintSnap creates an impressionist painting of your photo before your eyes. A painting animation video is also created which can be saved to your photo library either as an animated GIF or MP4 with upgrade to PaintSnap Premium. PaintSnap still works while offline, so you can use it anywhere and anytime!

You can change the painting style to make it more or less impressionistic by changing the Impressionism Level. There are 5 different levels to choose from - Level 0 to Level 4. Increasing it will make the painting more impressionistic while decreasing it will make it more realist (more closely matching your photo). The default level is in the middle, Level 2.

You have a choice between two types of painting animation videos: the painting creation animation, and the "infinite loop" painting animation. Upgrading to PaintSnap Premium allows you to save them as a GIF or MP4.

Device Requirements (Highly Recommended):
- iPhones: iPhone 6s or newer.
- iPads: iPad 6th gen or newer, iPad Air 3 or newer, or any iPad Pros.

- The painting image is high resolution with a width of 2160px.
- The painting animation video is 1080px wide when saved as an MP4 video, and 720px wide when saved as an animated GIF.

If you want to share an infinite loop video on Instagram, pick the video file type of MP4 since Instagram does not allow GIF's.

If you want to share a GIF painting animation with a friend using iMessage, go to your iPhone/iPad's settings and make sure that Settings->Messages->Low Quality Image Mode is turned OFF.


Inspired Bits LLC


Photo & Video




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iPhone, iPad

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