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Party Projector Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Party Projector

Party Projector creates live video with adjustable fun house mirror Visual FX

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Seriously Fun Video Art FX
Party Projector creates live video with adjustable fun house mirror Visual FX and sends them to any large monitor or projector equipped with AirPlay (as with Apple TV).
For VJing, it is an amazing real time visual performance instrument on the iPhone/Pad!
It is essentially a video synthesizer with live projection capabilities.
Party Projector controls are hidden from the audience, allowing the performer/user to create a live show of the visuals they want the audience to see.
Included set of live FX include psychedelic, aquatic, kaleidoscopic, mandalic, wormhole, slit tunnel, and fractal motion!
Visual FX also be applied to pics in the camera roll and saved as a new image for show.
Originally designed for professional party VJ's & visual artists, anyone can now use PartyProjector to spice up their event.
Party Projector images and videos make great post production media assets as well.
Party Projector special effects are specially tweaked to work with human faces and in low light environments (such as many parties).
Be a Visual Musician, make the most beautiful light show you've ever seen!

Creates new uses for Apple TV and Airplay. allowing live interaction with an audience viewing a screen.

We went the extra mile to design the ultimate AirPlay Screen Mirroring experience! The controls, for example, are INVISIBLE to the audience and they see only your creation.
A great way to create new interactive visuals during live events


Allan Lundell






28.06 MB






iPhone, iPad

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