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Personality Test Brain Quiz Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Personality Test Brain Quiz

Analyze the best possible options for work activities.
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Personality Test app helps you to understand how your mind works and find out: what jobs you'll enjoy and be good at, if you're narcissistic, how your mind is structured and more!

The following open source clinical tests are available:

Big Five - Personality Test, find out what type of personality you are.
Holland Code Test - Find out what jobs you'd really enjoy!
Narcissistic - Find out how narcissistic you are!
Jungian - What type of mind do you have?

Personality Test lets you understand how your (and your friends) minds works. Through the Big Five Personalities test and Jungian (Like Myers Briggs) and others.

Use this to improve management styles or personal relationships and emotional intelligence.

Please keep in mind that these are created from open source clinical tests and all medical advice should be sough from a licensed professional.


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