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Phone Silence Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Phone Silence

Stop receiving unwanted calls.

Questo giveaway è scaduto. Phone Silence è adesso regolarmente disponibile.

Stop receiving unwanted calls.

Spammers fall into 3 categories, the normal 800 number, local calls phone id, and the repeat spammer from a small range of phone ids. This app targets all of them for you to decide. Please select only one at the time.

This application blocks all phone calls not found in the address book of the phone. Blocks all calls from numbers you don't know. Most important, blocks local numbers from spoofing spammers. The phone won't ring unless the number is on your contact list.

- Great for spammers calling from same area code in rotating numbers.
- Great for business phones to avoid unwanted phone calls.
- Great for children phones that should not receive any calls from unknown sources.
- Great when you need to block spammers using rotating phone numbers.
- Great for people that doesn't want their iPhone to receive any phone calls outside their friends.
Keeps you phone child save from phone calls that are not on his/hers address book.

Time to be an island and avoid being interrupted by robocalls.

Block all calls from common numbers 800- and 888- that are not found on your address book.

Blocks all calls from local numbers not found on your address book.

Blocks all calls from calls with prefix and first 3 digits you want to block, let the app do the rest.

This extension doesn't have access to your address book nor the number calling you.

The user needs to enable the extension for the app to work


Albert Pascual






11.51 MB






iPhone, iPad

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