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PhotoSendr Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - PhotoSendr

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Send up to 6 photos in 1 email to a mailing list. “I love it! It does exactly what it says.
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Send up to 6 photos in 1 email to a mailing list.

“I love it! It does exactly what it says. It sends multiple photos! Thanks.”
***** | Lucille1031930, USA

“Permite coger varias fotos del archivo y enviarlas por correo todas al mismo tiempo.”
***** | Radrof, Spain

***** | MiniMissMonde74, France

“Extremely intuitive and easy to use and it surely trumps the Apple way. [...] PhotoSendr is a must have app for anyone who frequently mails pictures to friends and family.”
**** | All Things Apple

If you have problems using the app please email me at photosendr@gmail.com or request features from within the app, just tap "settings" and then "send feedback". Leaving bad reviews doesn't help me get things fixed. An email instead can give me the information I need to look into an issue and make PhotoSendr better for everyone.

How PhotoSendr works:
1) Take a picture or choose from the library
2) Tap "Email photos" and choose recipients from your address book or send to your mailing list

Optional: set up a mailing list
- tap "Settings" top right
- choose recipients from your address book

Video Demo: bit.ly/PhotoSendrV1Demo

Who is using PhotoSendr:
- Friends: to share event or travel photos
- Parents & Grandparents: to share photos of kids and grandkids (to share privately or to share the photos with a mailing list of friends and family)
- Bloggers: to post photography, home decor, travel shots all at once
- Real Estate agents: to share photos of the properties they manage with a list of prospect buyers

- Improved way to choose addresses from your address book and create a mailing list
- Photos set in PhotoSendr are saved until they are deleted by tapping "Clear images" or shaking the device. This makes it easier to send the same set of photos to different groups of friends.

It works on iPads too, universal version coming soon.

Thank you for your business,


99% of features are accessible using VoiceOver.


Francesco Bertocci


Photo & Video




3.43 MB




English, Italian


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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