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PhotosShare Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - PhotosShare

Easily share photos and videos between iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices using Bluetooth.

This giveaway offer has expired. PhotosShare is now available on the regular basis.

Easily share photos and videos between iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices using Bluetooth - no network required! Also can share photos and videos using services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email.

Photos and video transferred in full resolution and shared using device Bluetooth so sharing can be done from anywhere. Can also upload to other services such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Clipboard and more.

Photo quality settings available are good, better and best. Best provides the original image resolution.

Just select the photos and videos that you want to share then click Send Media to start the process. To receive the media on the other device install and run PhotosShare on that device and click Receive Media.

Clicking the thumbnail image for a photo or video will toggle between full-screen and the original image. Easily remove any photo or video from your selections.

A photo icon indicates a photo, a video camera icon indicates a video and a camera icon indicates that the photo was taken by the camera. Click the print icon to print using AirPrint.

Use in app settings to quickly access and change your settings.

Use Display Name Settings to change the name to display to other PhotosShare users.

Use Send Options Settings to set the maximum photos that can be sent at a time, thumbnail size, send packet size, photo quality and to turn sound on and off.

Use Receive Options Settings to turn on or off automatically adding of media to your Photos collection and to turn sound on or off. The default is to automatically add the transferred media to your Photos collection. If you just want to transfer and view media between devices then turning this off could be beneficial. When receiving media, this setting is reflected via the AutoSave option.

Sharing uses the Bluetooth (device to device) which provides a range of up to 30 feet for sharing with friends or other device you have. Sharing can be done whether you have a network present or not.


MarkelSoft, Inc.


Photo & Video




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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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