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Are you hungry for a challenge? Well I've spent quite a bit of time cooking one up for you. My game Pila is a minimalistic puzzler that incorporates physics and timing to put your logic to the test. Your only objective is to guide the ball to the portal, using the various items in each level. As you progress through the 50 levels, there will be new items to learn how to use. There are no instructions meaning it is up to you to learn how to play the game, but don't worry, you'll figure it out. I made most of the sounds ambient in efforts to reduce your frustration on the harder levels. I hope you enjoy and good luck!

"Pila is a beautiful, abstract puzzler that looks a bit like ancient iconography at first glance. Its circles and arcs float in a timeless black space brought into the future by crisscrossing wires and an electric blue and orange color scheme." -Gamezebo

"I’m not a fan of puzzlers at all but PILA really sticks out from the rest of the puzzle games I’ve played and really kept me on my feet trying different ways to have the ball reach the goal." -TheRealTechie


Chris Foreman






58.8 MB






iPhone, iPad

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