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PingSkills Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - PingSkills

This app will let you easily track the score of your table tennis games, whether you are playing sets to 11 or 21.
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Welcome to the official PingSkills app! This app will let you easily track the score of your table tennis games, whether you are playing sets to 11 or 21. There are many ways to track your score from using the + or - buttons on the app, voice commands, or using the bundled Apple Watch app.

During the match you will receive announcements of the score, when to switch serve, when a set ends, etc. Don't forget to check out the stats page during or after a match to get a breakdown of how you did. You can even share the results for bragging rights from the stats page!

While playing try out the below voice commands with the iPhone app. These are experimental, and best used when in a quiet environment. Bluetooth is also supported for voice commands, but may result in lower accuracy rates.


Score Player 1
Score Player 2
Subtract Point Player 1
Subtract Point Player 2
New Match

More voice commands will be added in the future as this feature is improved upon!

Want a more convenient way of doing scoring? Try out the Apple Watch version of the PingSkills app. It is a more simplistic version of the iPhone app, letting you track scoring sets of 11 or 21 quickly from your wrist while playing.

Note: It is recommended to set your Apple Watch to always show the last used app when using PingSkills (Apple Watch > General > Wake Screen > On Screen Wake Show Last App select Always).

Be on the look out for future updates including more voice commands and a revamped UI!

For tips and training to improve your table tennis game check out


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