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Pixquare - Pixel art editor Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Pixquare - Pixel art editor

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Pixquare is a powerful pixel art app for anyone who loves drawing on iPad and iPhone.
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Pixquare - Pixel art editor
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Pixquare is a powerful pixel art app for anyone who loves drawing on iPad and iPhone. Artists, illustrators, and game developers love Pixquare for its simple UI, easy workflow, and advanced features for pixel art creation.

With Pixquare, you can create 8-bit art, GIFs, 2D sprites, isometric artwork, and animations for your art and games, anytime, anywhere! We've improved Pixquare based on feedback from 1000+ pixel artists, making sure it's the perfect tool for both beginners and pros to start their pixel art journey:

- Support both iPads & iPhones
- Timelapse recording
- Intuitive UI with left-hand mode available
- Apple Pencil support: gestures, sensitivity, touch rejection
- Utilize MetalKit for a smooth sketching experience
- Manual & auto-save modes
- Shortcut options: keyboard or on-screen gesture pad
- Quick size & opacity sliders.
- Custom themes

- Brush: pixel perfect, watercolor mode, pressure sensitivity, dithering
- Eraser: pixel perfect, pressure sensitivity, dithering
- Move: transformation supported
- Line: straight & curve mode, watercolor mode, perfect angle
- Shape: ellipse & rectangle mode, watercolor mode, perfect ratio
- Selection: 5 types & 5 modes
- Color: solid/gradient fill, contiguous/non-contiguous, and more
- Color picker: 4 modes (HSV, HSL, Wheel, RGB), history, drag-to-fill
- All tools offer shading, round and square tips.

- Optimized for animation & organized layers
- Unlimited number of layers
- Multi-selection, layer grouping, and operations
- Visibility and editing-lock toggle
- Supports reference layers
- Frame customization: duration & multi-selection
- Linked cells, onion skin, and clipping mask

- Symmetry tool with unlimited axes
- Reference images
- Color palette: save/load from Lospec, color gradient generator
- Color adjustment
- Blending modes, alpha lock
- Preview with separate animation loop
- Canvas rotation, Finder-like file system, Guideline

- Aseprite file compatibility (importing & exporting)
- PNG and GIF export options (layers, frames, size, and animation)
- Import Photos and files as reference layers and images



"Genuinely the best pixel art app for the iPad that I would recommend anyone to get!" - Jon Davies, Pixel Artist on Super House of Dead Ninjas, Binding of Isaac.

"Pixquare has more than meets the eye. A seemingly simple interface that has the intuitive control you look for. The gesture pad is comparable to a desktop keypad." - Michael, Pixel Artist, Author of Pixel Logic book

"I've been sharing it with basically everyone I know with an iPad because I think it's one of the best software out there for creating pixels on the iPad." - CupOhJoe, Game Developer

"This is one fine app to pixel on the iPad! You can tell there's a lot of love for the craft poured in here" - Ota Jaider, Pixel Artist


- Mossy (@ArtNature_it)
- chili (@ryviolie)
- Lesma (@pixe_lesma)
- Fariis (@fariis_art)
- ue_voxel (@UeVoxel)
- Becky C (@tinydiorama)
- Huy B (@bit5andpiece5)
- Sunny (@minisunnyworld)
- Manytle (@manytle)
- And special thanks to Naocraf (@NaocrafPixel), Hyuk Choi (@anti_rocker), Eka (@EkaSetyaNugraha), Cetaceaqua (@cetaceaqua) and TML (@fluffy_tml) for helping with the Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Chinese translation.


PREMIUM UPGRADE: Unlock lifetime access to all premium features of Pixquare for just $14.99. No subscriptions. Buy once and use forever!

Email: info@pixquare.art
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixquare_app
Website: https://www.pixquare.art/


Son Nguyen


Graphics & Design




25.87 MB




English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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