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Pomodoro Focus Timer & Planner Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Pomodoro Focus Timer & Planner

Self-organization is a very important skill that has a special effect on the result.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Pomodoro Focus Timer & Planner is now available on the regular basis.

Self-organization is a very important skill that has a special effect on the result. Each person makes his or her own plan of action according to the goals set. Sometimes it's easy, and other times it's very challenging.

Many of us don't even realize the tremendous work they do. The eternal hustle and bustle surrounds us and we completely forget about the various details. But have you ever thought that time can be your best friend? We have. And that's why we created our unique app, which will allow you to stick to all the deadlines and not forget anything!

This application is based on the Pomodoro method. By applying this technique, you will make time your ally, which will significantly improve your productivity and the result of your work.
Make a to do list of active tasks that need to be done today. Turn on the Pomodoro timer and get to work! After the time is up, it is recommended to take a break. Then you can get to work again.
Install the time management app free and master a new technique of self-organization!

Using the focus timer, you are working on a specific task, so there is no risk of getting distracted and trapped in multitasking! Stay focused on the work task at hand, not distracted by social media or chatting.

Tomato timer not only helps to allocate time to a particular task, but also shows analytics - large tasks are better divided into several approaches, so as not to overload yourself. The productivity timer adjusts to your personal rhythm and needs, so you have absolutely no need to keep a clear schedule. It's all about results.

Proper planning of tasks for the day - this is time management. Each task has its own priority, so with this application it is very easy to predict how much time it will take to complete it. It's also called time-boxing.

The Pomodoro Focus Timer is great for you if:
- you perform monotonous tasks (writing articles, retouching photos, collecting analytical data);
- you are self-employed (a freelancer);
- you can easily focus to do a new task;
- you know the principle of working with a productivity planner;
- you want to try a focus keeper!

Using such an app will help you comply with the 5 basic principles of Francesco Cirillo, the founder of the work timer methodology.
to determine the daily to do list of tasks and their priority
set the timer for 25 minutes
work until the pomofocus timer beeps
take short breaks between alarms
take long breaks after big tasks

The workday is your tomatoes that are displayed in the productivity app. A standard eight-hour work day equals 14 "tomato" segments. When you make a list of tasks for the day, you estimate in advance for which tasks you want to allocate more time, for which less time, and which should be postponed until tomorrow. If you have completed all of your plans for the day faster than necessary - close the remaining gap with a small task or schedule the next day.

The task timer is a positive habit that will completely change your life for the better. By using our app regularly, you will definitely see the result of your productivity! Easy and simple functionality will not give you any trouble, because your personal time manager is always at your fingertips!

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