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Post-U Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Post-U

Post-U makes your message remarkable and vivid by sending colorful and noticeable short note to friends.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Post-U is now available on the regular basis.

Post-U makes your message remarkable and vivid by sending colorful and noticeable short note to friends.

Every day we may send & receive many messages in plain, but hard to distinguish which is important. All the messages are messed in many chats and dialogues, difficult to mine out which really does matter to you, and hardly can you get the exact emotions and feelings behind the plain texts sometimes.

Now post-U helps you to deliver messages colorful, distinguishable and touching, express your rich feelings vividly, communicate things that matters for attention.


• Vivid message: The messages (posts) of Post-U are colorful, stylish and charming short note, help you express yourself vividly. You can easily create posts in your own style by using rich fonts, colors, themes, textures, photos and pics.

• Noticeable message: All the posts to you are displayed on Board, easy to notice, browse and make a quick reply. You do not need to drill down in every chat dialogue to find the important things out.

• Operational message: The posts to you are not only for read, but also can be interactive and operational. You can send reminder to friends for important things, or sync status of checklist with your family members to get posted.

• iOS calendar connected: Integrated with iOS system calendar and automatically remind the participants when time is up. Easy to create friendly reminders with friends.

• Time difference independent: No need to consider the time difference from the recipient you are sending reminder to. Just use your local time to set the reminder, Post-U will do others for you.

• iCloud Drive support: Store and sync the selected folders within iCloud Drive, access the cloud data across devices.

• No username/password: No username and password needed. Post-U links with your cell phone number or social account, no worry of forgetting password.

• Integrity: We focus on helping you expressing better, not for your data. No contact book will be uploaded and stored on the server. We treasure the value of professional service, not for the privacy.

More fun of using Post-U is waiting for you to explore.


Wiyun Inc.






89.74 MB




English, French, German, Chinese


iPhone, iPad


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