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Practica - Tuner & Metronome Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Practica - Tuner & Metronome

Practica is a premium music app for and by musicians.
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Practica - Tuner & Metronome
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Practica is a premium music app for and by musicians. Our mission is to provide a high-end musical toolbox with a user-interface optimized for musicians. We have a dedicated support team of musicians and engineers to constantly update the app. From beginners to pros, whether you are a vocalist or play a woodwind, brass, or string instrument, this application provides numerous well-designed practice tools to improve your musicianship.


1) Practica has the most accurate tuner on the market containing multiple displays like the pitch map and strobe tuner. The app's pitch detection is laboratory tested for peak performance. The tuner works great for brass, woodwind, voice, and string instruments. Just intonation, an adjustable A = 440 Hz reference frequency, and transpositions are simple to implement. Practica’s tuner can also read decibels to measure your perceived loudness.

2) Practica's metronome is designed with a clear user-interface while at the same time containing the most advanced features of any metronome. The metronome is designed to maximize the efficiency of your practice sessions with an initiative user interface. Be able to set your metronome with tempo, meter, and beat changes. Please take a listen to our sampled drum kit, claves, and other click tracks.

3) The powerful drum machine allows you to create the most complex rhythm you can think of. You no longer need to use a DAW. Practica can change the BPM or groove of your backing track in seconds. Practica’s drum machine includes over 30 well-sampled instruments that you can mix and match to your liking.

4) Want to improve your intonation, rhythm, and aural skills all at the same time? If yes, you should use our drone track tool to create custom chord progressions with any chord quality. The chord progressions created in Practica have wide use ranging from Jazz backing tracks to Classical aural theory practice. Included are over 20 instruments to use. Each instrument was recorded individually in a studio and then later transformed into a fully dynamic synthesizer. This process gives the Practica synths its famous natural sound. Also, a tone generator is included for pitch reference.

5) Practica’s recorder can detect your intonation at any point in your recording. Practica can also measure the pitch tendencies, decibels, and rhythmic accuracy of existing recordings. Thus, if you are not of your intonation at a certain, just put the recording into the Practica player and get back your cent values.


1. Each tool can be used simultaneously
2. Recording and playback feature
3. Import files to see how in tune and time they are
4. Analyze any audio file to find the cents in the recording
5. Ability to save your metronome settings
6. Premade drum machine files to numerous musical styles
7. Tutorials to explain all the functionalities in the app
8. Uses little battery life


Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet Bassoon, Saxophone
Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba
Piano, Organ, Guitar
Electronics (Sine, Square, and Saw Waves)
And More!

We wish you good luck and happy practicing.

For our privacy policy and the rest of our mobile apps, please visit http://www.practica.app
For tech support or any other queries, please email us at:

Download the app now and get started!


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iPhone, iPad

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