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Priori-Eisenhower to do Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Priori-Eisenhower to do

A time management assistant.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Priori-Eisenhower to do is now available on the regular basis.

If you have been working hard, but the results have been minimal, this is definitely a problem!

When it comes to time management, many people agree that it is better to manage and plan their own time by going through the to-do list and setting the estimated time. However, Priori's creator Alex Li believes that this method is not scientific. We should flee the “to-do list circle” and return the focus to the management priorities, not the management time, because we can't really to manage time, we can manage only ourselves.

[ What is Priori? ]

Priori is a time management tool that implements the Eisenhower Matrix rule on mobile devices. Faced with endless work and life pressures, Priori hopes to minimize the burden of user “to do list” at the visual and operational levels through an effective but minimalist design language, while using the Eisenhower Matrix rule to return focus to the focus. Above the most valuable things.
The important things are rarely urgent, the urgent things are rarely important, give yourself a chance and let Priori do the work with you efficiently.

[ What is the Eisenhower Matrix ? ]

It is a time management theory put forward by Stephen Covey, author of the best-selling book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®" .The most important part of the theory is to divide things into four quadrants according to importance and urgency: important and urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent, not important not urgent.

[ How the Eisenhower Matrix matter classified should be implemented? ]

Let's take a look at the 4D solution for time management Eisenhower Matrix:

1. First matrix (important and urgent): Do it now
The first matrix is the crisis matrix. In this matrix, matters are not only urgent but important. Keeping an eye on the first matrix can lead to stress, exhaustion and other related problems. Covey believes that people who pay attention to the first matrix for a long time will only find relief in the fourth matrix. Because the fourth matrix is neither important nor urgent, humans prefer to do these things.

2. Second matrix (important not urgent): Do it a planned way
According to Covey, "the second matrix is the core of efficient personal management." Really efficient people will pay attention to the first matrix, but the second matrix is concerned. In this state, we will focus on opportunities, think in a preventive way, and will reserve enough time to focus on what really matters.

3. The third matrix (not important but urgent): Delegate
The main reason why most people find that time is not enough is to take too much work that is not their own. We should realize that it is our busy and blind source. It is best to authorize others to do things in this matrix, or to reduce the investment in such matters through euphemistic rejection.

4. Fourth matrix (not important, not urgent): Don’t do it
This thing is a matrix for buffer adjustment. When you are tired, you can adjust your mindset and body through something that is not important and urgent, but if you are always addicted to the fourth matrix, then our output will be greatly reduced, directly causing wasted time and wasting life.

"Special feature"

• Classic theory: a highly efficient Eisenhower Matrix method
• Double quadrant list: work and life independent management
• Black and white theme: automatic switching
• Natural language parsing: automatically recognize time and set reminders
• iCloud Sync: Seamless work across multiple devices
• Fit iPad: landscape and split screen operations
• Time reminder: flexible setting every day, weekday, week, month
• Location Reminder: Reminder when arriving or leaving the location
• Face ID & Touch ID: Privacy
• Rich setup items: Customize your personal habits
• Url Scheme: priori://


Contact us with fun: fb@ideatiny.com








35.01 MB




English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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