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Quotemarks - Quote Notebook Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Quotemarks - Quote Notebook

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Collect, organize, and share your library and select a quotation for each new day.
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Quotemarks - Quote Notebook
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Curate your personal library of found quotations. Collect, organize, and share your library and select a quotation for each new day.

• Collect. Start your own collection as you discover sayings from influential people, phrases from movies, and lines of poetry.
• Organize. Tag your quotations and group by tag. Sort by your favorite authors or by date added to show a passage of time.
• Today. Schedule personalized quotations for every day to uplift yourself during hard times and stay motivated in pursuit of your goals. Opt to receive reminder notifications or use the today widget.
• Archive. Your collection is yours to keep and not locked away. Export to a convenient CSV-formatted package for safekeeping or as a keepsake. Import from this package format, the legacy Quotebook formatted CSV, and other CSV formats.
• Share. Quickly save quotations found in other apps, and share select quotations from your collection.


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iPhone, iPad

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