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Rash ID Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Rash ID

RashID is an app that scans and recognizes rashes and other skin irregularities in real time.
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Rash ID
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RashID is an app that scans and recognizes rashes and other skin irregularities in real time. RashID is your personal dermatologist helping you diagnose, learn about, and treat your skin condition. Using advanced AI, RashID instantly recognizes rashes and skin conditions from acne to poison ivy.

Rashes can be difficult to distinguish and complicated to diagnose. RashID's advanced AI is trained on thousands of images, allowing it to identify almost any rash in any location. Just aim your camera. Tap to focus, and identify your skin condition in seconds.


RashID uses your phone's cameras to perform a comprehensive scan of your skin. By scanning your skin in real time, rather than using a single picture, RashID is able to gather more data producing a more accurate scan.


Using advanced AI, RashID analyzes the high detail scan to identify almost rashes and skin lesions. Trained on a dermatology database containing thousands of cases, RashID is built on reliable clinical data you can trust.


RashID is equipped with a library of information where you can learn about each condition. Get insight on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of your skin condition. Learn how to relieve your symptoms and treat your condition, and find out how to prevent a reoccurrence.

RashID's medical content is based on the best available medical knowledge. All sources are evaluated for statistical validity, diagnostic accuracy, and clinical viability to help produce the most precise content. RashID's content is adapted from leading sources including U.S. National Library of Medicine, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and notable textbooks and medical review articles. Content is regularly screened and updated by our editorial committee to ensure RashID's content remains valid and relevant.


RashID does not currently provide medical advice. All diagnoses, images, and medical knowledge are for information purposes only. RashID is not intended to be used as an alternative to your healthcare provider. RashID diagnoses may sometimes be inaccurate and should always be verified by a medical professional. Do not take any medications or begin any self-treatment without first consulting your doctor. If you believe you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately.


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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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