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Reading Habit Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Reading Habit

Read 3000 to 6000 word articles curated to your personal interests!
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- Read 3000 to 6000 word articles curated to your personal interests
- Easy to use
- Save articles for later
- Share articles with friends
- Revisit articles you've read

Everyone knows they should read more, but it’s hard! You’ve got to decide what you want to read about, where to read about it, and after scrolling through an endless feed of headlines on some website, you’ve turned back social media...

We believe that modern technology has created an unhealthy addiction to instant gratification, and we aim to reverse those effects by providing a platform for everybody to do a bit of real reading every day.

Reading Habit is an app that curates quality long-form articles from the web. We make it easy to read about the things you’re interested in - with just one tap, you’ll find yourself immersed in one of our curated long-form articles, from biographies, case studies, commentaries and more. Let us take away the stress of finding that perfect article, so that you can spend more time reading!

There are many benefits to reading consistently, and by reading just one article a day, you'll find improvements to your:

- Focus and concentration
- Memory
- Communication skills
- Analytical thinking
- Knowledge base

So what are you waiting for? Start reading today!


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