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READING MAGIC 4-Phonograms and Digraphs Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - READING MAGIC 4-Phonograms and Digraphs

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View and manage phonograms and digraphs.
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READING MAGIC 4-Phonograms and Digraphs
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This app focuses on phonograms and digraphs.

READING MAGIC 4 Phonograms and Digraphs will help your child gain mastery with words that contain the practiced phonograms and digraphs included in this app.

READING MAGIC 4 contains three modes.

-The Blending Mode helps your child learn the essential reading skill of blending, which helps prepare learners for segmenting.

-The Segmenting Mode helps your child learn how to segment words. Segmenting has been recognized as the most important predictor of reading success.

-The Reading Mode helps your child read words. Pictures are hidden to encourage true reading instead of picture guessing.

READING MAGIC 4 Phonograms and Digraphs Deluxe focuses on words that contain the following spelling/sound variations; ar, ch, ck, ee, er, ng, oa, sh, th, qu, soft c and soft g.

In this, the free version, only the following spelling variations are available: ar, ch, ck and ee.

READING MAGIC 4 Phonograms and Digraphs Deluxe has over 320 words to interest your child, and help them learn how to blend, segment, and read words with these blends and digraphs in them.

In this, the free version, only 52 words are available. The remaining words are available via in-app purchase.

There is a special section that uses 2 or more of these spelling variations in each word.

READING MAGIC 4 features both male and female voices for every word and picture.

Please note that there may be many words on this app that are not in the everyday vocabulary of the young learners using this app. Use this as an opportunity to build vocabulary. 

In order to give lots of practice to build strong skills with blending, segmenting and reading many words were needed including those that are outside the realm of everyday common words. There is no need to know what the picture is beforehand for blending and reading. For segmenting, the picture can always be touched to identify itself.

A team of educators using accelerated learning techniques and Montessori principles developed this fun app, which your child will enjoy using as they learn. It has been tested and successfully used with preschoolers.

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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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