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Red Rocket: Runaway Renegade Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Red Rocket: Runaway Renegade

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Race down the open road dodging missiles and collecting coins.
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Red Rocket: Runaway Renegade
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After years on the run with your car the "Red Rocket," evading missiles and embracing your coolness regardless of the cost, it's time to face the battle head on! Race down the open road dodging missiles and collecting coins as you make your way to the origin of your flying foes.

In "Red Rocket: Runaway Renegade" you will
-Evade missiles and collect coins as you move freely across the three lanes of the highway
-Use your coins to unlock and apply 21+ swagtastic paint jobs
-Use more coins to unlock the motorcycle versions of the same 21+ swagtastic paint jobs for a smaller vehicle profile
-Increase your score by surviving the airborne onslaught of rockets
all while enjoying the tremendous soundtrack that truly heightens the experience.

Also, enjoy a free iMessage sticker pack that contains missiles, skins, and more from the game.

The stakes are high, but when you've been living with rockets on your tail for this long, you're ready to bring the fight to their source!


Owen Clinton






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iPhone, iPad

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