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Reji: Learn & Repeat Words App Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Reji: Learn & Repeat Words App

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Save & learn new vocabulary hassle-free in 46 languages!

Bu programın süresi doldu. Reji: Learn & Repeat Words App artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

Save & learn new vocabulary hassle-free in 46 languages!

Reji automatically links your words with translations, images or definitions, shows you example sentences (*) and speaks out with correct accent.

If you find it tedious to use paper word lists, notebooks or sticky notes to learn new vocabulary, then Reji is for you!

No more forgotten vocabulary! Just save all your words in Reji. It will teach you it efficiently and in a fun way.

• Save words
Save new vocabulary from your classes, movies, books, whatever easily. Type in a word, Reji pulls up all other data for you.

• Learn efficiently
Reji’s advanced algorithm will show you saved words in a very special order, so that you remember them the best.

• Never forget what you learned
Reji not only teaches you new words, but also reminds you to repeat those you’ve already learned, on time.

• Learn any of 47 languages
You can learn words & pronunciations in Spanish, Chinese, French, English and other 43 languages. Check out the full list of supported languages here: https://reji.me/faq.html

• Correct pronunciation
Reji teaches you how to pronounce words & phrases correctly by speaking out with correct accent, showing transliteration (pinyin, e.g.) and phonetic transcription (IPA).

• iCloud synchronization
If you reinstall the app, all your data will be restored seamlessly! If you are using multiple devices with the same Apple ID, Reji will synchronize all your data across them, too.

• Learn offline
As soon as you save your words, you can learn them offline, too.

Download Reji to give your vocabulary a boost now!


(*): automatic pull-up of example sentences only works with words in English, German, French, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese.


Twopeople Software






63.32 MB




English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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