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A Multi-Purpose Social Network built from scratch.
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A Multi-Purpose Social Network built from scratch on principles of privacy, security, ad-free, and self-moderating network.

WITH ConnectSocial® YOU CAN:

BUILD YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK: Connect with friends and family. SHARE posts, texts, photos and videos. Watch, tag, hashtag, LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW.

EARN MONEY by INVITING friends and family to your social network.

SHARE MEMORIES: Upload photos and videos in the ConnectSocial® app; share your memories to the world privately and securely.

SECURELY CHAT: end-to-end encryption to send, VOICE messages, TEXT messages, IMAGES, CONTACTS, LOCATIONS and GROUP INVITES securely.

UPDATE YOUR STATUS to your friends and family.

CREATE AND JOIN GROUPS AND PAGES: Set up private or public groups and pages for your business or community.

SHARE RIDES: Create a paid or free ride where you can CARPOOL and INVITE friends or family. Plan, schedule, and manage your rides; make money and BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

SEARCH AND JOIN free or paid rides. Make new connections while saving money, and preserving the environment.

BUILD YOUR CAREER: Curate your profile and add professional specifications, background, experience, recommendations, Curriculum Vitae and resumes.

SEARCH AND FIND JOBS. You have the freedom to apply, search, discover and apply for jobs around the world, both part- or full-time.

BE AN EMPLOYER: Post job searches with a profession title, company name, category, description, salary, qualifications, location and contact details.

BUY SONGS AND MOVIES: Support independent film makers and musicians.

BE A MUSIC ARTIST : Upload and publish your own FREE OR PAID SONGS / MIXES in ConnectSocial®.

BE A FILM PRODUCER by uploading movies to ConnectSocial®‘s Film Feature. Add movie details: trailer, synopsis, genre, casts and price (paid or free).

WATCH MOVIES: SEARCH for specific genres like drama, action, comedy, international movies, web series and more.

SEARCH, PLAY (or pause) and STREAM shows without download, or SAVE your favourite shows.

PROMOTE INDIVIDUAL CREATIVITY: Express your creative ideas by building a following with likes, views and comments!

LIST spare rooms, apartments, houses, cottages and holiday homes. Manage your listing and update details.

HOST new friends and EARN MONEY. Manage your listing and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

FIND PLACES TO STAY: Visit new places, meet new people, experience new adventures.

PUBLISH local or international news articles by paid subscription (or not).

SUPPORT and EMPOWER independent journalism and freedom of expression.

SHOP: Search and BUY the cheapest products or set up your own online retail or wholesale store (e-commerce).

SELL: Add product details, photos, category, price, tax, length, width, height & weight. Manage products, mark ‘sold out’ and view orders for your product.

TRACK ORDERS: Chat with sellers & buyers. Send and receive notifications when orders are placed, goods are delivered and items are returned.

PLAN EVENTS: Create events, add descriptions, locations, images, invitees and send/receive notifications.

APPLICATION LOCK: Keep your conversations secure by locking the app with your device’s Touch ID or Face ID.

DARK MODE: Save your battery life (and the environment) by switching to dark mode.

WHY ConnectSocial®:

ConnectSocial® is built on the foundation of block chain technology; a decentralised network that gives YOU the power to moderate your feed.
● NO TRACKING. No data collection
● NO SUGGESTED POSTS! No algorithmical feed/sorting.
● Scroll in reverse chronological order
● See posts from the people you follow and nothing else

You can delete or hide the posts you don’t like, disable comments on your feed, archive your photos/videos, and instantly report abuse by other users to keep the network safe and healthy.

ConnectSocial® takes NO fee or NO COMMISSION for all TRANSACTIONS whatsoever. All payments go directly to YOU.

Terms Of Use : https://www.connect.social/terms

Learn More: https://connect.social/Pdf/LearnMore.pdf


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